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Agathon Book 1

The Agathon

“B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree” -

For one hundred years the deep space signal has been transmitted to Earth. All attempts to decode it have failed. On Mars, Carrie Barrington, the first human child, is born. She has always known she was different. Her telepathic and telekinetic abilities are becoming ever more difficult to control. Her link to a deadly organism, found deep beneath the Martian surface, haunts her dreams. When disaster strikes, it falls upon her father as commander of The Agathon, the first faster than light ship ever built, to travel to the origin of the signal makers in the hopes of finding the mysterious race. What they find not only threatens to destroy the ship but all life in the galaxy. The fate of humanity now rests in the fingertips of Carrie Barrington and her reclusive and mysterious mentor, Doctor Tyrone Tyrell.

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The Agathon BOOK 2

For 1000 years the surviving humans drifted. Bound together on board the remaining space stations. A civil war has erased their past. The Agathon, believed to have been lost during their mission to find the signal makers, has now become a myth, a bedtime story to be read to children. Now ruled by the tyrannical Chancellor Arturo Verge, a rebellion begins to stir on board the space station now known as Earth One, led by Aron Elstone, a man torn apart by the loss of his daughter Maya, and the crew of his ship, The Unity. Across the Galaxy, The Agathon emerges from hyperspace. Lost and damaged, the crew must land the ship on a strange ice covered world. When Carrie agrees to leave the ship with Tyrell in order to find the mysterious “Others”, her father must come to terms with the loss of his family as they finally make contact with those left behind. What Carrie discovers on her journey with Tyrell finally opens her eyes to her strange powers. The fate of all life in the galaxy now rests squarely on her shoulders. A burden she must carry alone.

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The Agathon BOOK 3

The Agathon waits, orbiting a planet hidden within a dense nebula, while Carrie and Doctor Tyrell rescue the last human survivors from their generational space stations. Now armed with powerful weaponry supplied by Carrie’s new allied alien race, Captain Barrington and his crew try to work out where to take the last fragments of humanity.

On the home world of Ruthenium, General Tark’An prepares to activate the final solution to end the war with the machines known as the Targlagdu. His race, now facing extinction, prepares to leave their planet when a signal is detected. A small-unknown ship (The Agathon) is detected one sector away. Tark’An is ordered to intercept the vessel, assess it’s threat potential and destroy it if necessary.

While Carrie tries to assimilate Aron Elstone and his crew, The Black decides that the time has come to fulfill its true nature. Carrie must now enter a final battle within herself to prevent her powers being used against those she loves the most.

The Agathon now faces a war on two fronts as Captain Barrington is faced with making the ultimate sacrifice before the galaxy as they know it ceases to exist.


Taken from the streets, no money, no family, Nora Stone is transformed by a black ops division of the CIA. Her body, now a mixture of sophisticated bioengineering, has become a lethal weapon.

A weapon that has disappeared.

Eddie Conrad, an Ex Navy seal turned military analyst, is counting the days to when he can be officially discharged. His nightmares, following a year in captivity in Syria, the only survivor of a mission gone wrong, are growing worse.

When the bodies of a tactical team sent in to find Nora Stone show up horribly mutilated, Eddie is coerced into going back into the field to find her.

But Nora wants to be found, is waiting to be found.

And is ready to take revenge


Forgotten Star

Following a devastating encounter with an unknown alien ship resulting in the disappearance of her parents as a child, Tamara Cartwright now spends her life scouring the galaxy in the hope of finding the dark force that attacked her father’s ship.
Now the Captain of a rescue vessel, The Massey Shaw, she makes a choice, resulting in the destruction of a star in order to save a striken vessel, a prohibited act while using alien technology. Now, an outlaw, she is entrusted with the fate of a very unusual young girl endowed with special abilities. She must also find the survivors of an ill-fated ship at the hands of a malevolent race know only to the humans as the Ghosts. Driven by the hope of finding the truth of her parent's disappearance and one last chance to make a difference to those in need of rescue, she must go on one final mission into deep space and deal with the monsters from her past.

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